Data Center

The Largest Tier III - Certified Data Center in the Baltics
  • Multiple redundancy for every electrical and mechanical system
  • No downtime for maintenance or power outages
  • 24/7 staffing
  • Carrier neutral


Advanced engineering and technologies
  • Technical design project by RED Engineering Design
  • The Largest Tier III data center in the Baltic region
  • 826 IT racks, 3MW IT power on 1st phase
  • First Baltic world class data center
  • Diversified high-bandwidth communication platform (satellite and fiber)
  • Built using green and energy conservation approach
  • Low CO2 footprint
  • Ultra low water consumption. Water is used for humidification only
  • Lead free facility (rotary/flywheel UPS system)

AmberCore DC is scalable. Second phase of data center offers additional 826 racks (3MW IT), up to 1652 racks (6MW IT) when DC is fully fitted.

Power access for the site is scalable up to 113.5 MW.


KyotoCooling System is used as a cooling technology. The KyotoCooling system provides cooling via rotation of thermal wheel vented both by cool outside air and warm return air from the data hall. Application of this technology and other solutions will result in annual average PUE of 1.25. PUE figure remains stable down to 5% of the load.


AmberCore Data Center integrates advanced security systems. UPS system and diesel generators ensure non-stop operation during unlikely utility power failures. Fire protection and extinguishing system are being deployed along with other security systems including: CCTV, anti-burglar system, access control and 24/7 surveillance of security personnel.

Service Quality

Remote & Smart Hands

Tier 1 Basic technical support service “Remote/Smart Hands” is offered on a 24/7 basis and is available to provide support for first-line maintenance situations. As an added business value, AmberCore DC provides a free monthly remote hands package. First-line maintenance situations include immediate trouble shooting such as power cycling units or altering network connections.

Equipment Install Service

Initial (non-live) equipment installation within cabinets/racks (commonly referred to as “rack and stack” service).

Office space and build rooms

1000m2 of office space at DC is available for your on site operations. Engineers are welcome to use two dedicated build/test rooms (cooled up to 20kW each) for their best convenience.

Strategic Location

Unique combination of circumstances for DC location:

  • Fiber-optic cables access (3 diverse routes)
  • Powerful teleport on site for satellite communications
  • Next to the international Lithuania-Belarus IXB Transport Corridor
  • 20 ha of private owned land

Corresponds to all natural hazards and security requirements:

  • One of the highest locations in Lithuania – 231m above sea level (no flood risk)
  • Remote out of town location, close to the Airport (11 km) and city center (14 km)
  • No open water in vicinity

Favorable climate for efficient DC operation

  • Average annual temperature in Vilnius is +6.2 ºC
Move your infrastructure to AmberCore DC

Our world class TIER III designed data center will provide you with best data center space and services in Eastern Europe.