Strategicaly located

Located in vicinity of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, a member-state of European Union and NATO. This 3M IT 826 rack facility is scalable to 1652 racks and is privately owned.

  • DC site is located near Vilnius on a private owned territory (20 ha) matching the criteria for locating a TIER IV data center
  • Low risk of natural and man-made hazards
  • One of the highest locations in Lithuania – 231m above sea level
  • Distance to the city center – 14 km
  • Distance to the Airport – 11 km
  • Next to the international IXB Transport Corridor between Lithuania and Belarus
  • Major engineering systems: water supply, sewage, redundant power supply, natural gas pipeline, fiber optic metro ring
Why Lithuania?

Lower corporate tax rate than in Scandinavia countries (15% corporation tax rate in Lithuania).

Thanks to new NordBalt power connections energy price similar to prices found in the Nordic countries (among the cheapest green power in Europe) .


Data transit country between Western Europe, CIS and Scandinavia.
Major TIER I ISP’s POP’s presence provisioning wavelengths and dark fibers is available.

Amsterdam 30 ms
Frankfurt 28 ms
London 38 ms
Berlin 20 ms
Moscow 21 ms
Kiev 21 ms
Warsaw 10 ms
Stockholm 20 ms


There are currently five cross-border links to Lithuania, providing energy security; Sweden (700MW), Poland (500MW), Latvia (241MW), Kaliningrad (241MW), Belarus (466MW).
The two new links completed in 2015 helped to highly increase national power grid redundancy. The first of these is Nordbalt, a new 400kV High Voltage Direct Current submarine cable between Klaipeda, Lithuania, and Nybro, Sweden. The cable provides 700MW of green power.
The second of the new connections is a 400kV HVDC overhead transmission link from Elk, Poland, to Alytus, Lithuania, which provides 500MW power.


Lithuania is ranked as one of the safest locations in the world on the World Risk Index.

A member of the European Union, NATO and the World Trade Organization.

Over 50 Bilateral Investment Treaties with other states worldwide.


Cost efficient cooling – the average annual ambient
temperature is 6.2°C (43.2°F)

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